Friday, August 16, 2013

Session 5


The visit to the art mesuem was my first time. I had never enter the mesuem before. I'm quite lost looking at the art pieces. It is simple art but yet keep lots of meaning in it, especially to the artist itself. It took me few minutes to read at some of the art explanation displayed to understand the meaning of the art display. To make it more confuse I need to link it to math that can be created into activity. My group decided just to snap as many photos as we can and decided to meet again on one of the day to choose an art piece to work on our assignment.

Upon returning to class, my brain was being shifted to a problem that was so confused to me. It was an angle problem which could be solve through several methods. The discussion took almost an hour to get few methods. Each and every one of us have different method that lead to the answer. Dr Yeap said that the steps are equally important like the answer. A problem solve without a proper step but right answer won't be consider as right answer. The most interesting method that was being introduced b one of us was using algebra method which go beyond 5 steps to solve. A clap for her as Dr Yeap said it was acceptable. 

For the past days with Dr Yeap had given me a better picture of math. It could be taught in a fun and enjoyable ways which he children will be able to grasp the methods and able to think through on any other methods that could be used. Whatever it is solving a math problem could be done in several ways, a person needs lots of practice in order to understand better.


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