Friday, August 16, 2013

Session 4

We start the lesson by reviewing whole number and fractions. After yesterday lesson I started to understand that fraction had many ways to solve. The most remarkable solving methods for young children will be the pictorial methods which I thing will be more impactful and meaningful for the children. The lesson on 3/4 divided by 1/8 take me the longest time to answer it. Basically I used the methods that was being taught to me in 1990's, which in fraction when we see division we need to change it to multiplication in order to get the nswer. Neverteless Dr yeap had explained that the method is not wrong but rather how my teacher should explained it during those years.

Subsequent lesson on 2/3 divided by 5 was interesting which showed me variation of methods that could be applied to get the answer. Anyway Dr yeap still except my old methods though. Frankly I'm bad at math and coming from an Arabic school in Singapore, math is not important. During school years fraction was taught to me differently which make this math module very difficult for me to absorb. I also realized that I did teach my kindergarteners fraction but through grouping.

Before class end an interesting problem was introduced i.e. making figure from 3-5 tiles. It's look easy but actually not. With certain constrain that was given it make the task quite complicated and quite challenging. Overall today lesson ended my day with lots of mathematical thinking nd I'm trying to figure how this can be included in early childhood concept.

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