Friday, August 9, 2013

Chapter 1 & 2

"Mathematicals competence opens door to productive futures...." (NCTM, 2000,p.50)

Teaching mathematics is no longer teaching them 1,2,3, basic adding or even finishing an exercise. It is more than what it should be. In this 21st century teaching math should had element of fun and joy through hands on activity and much practices and exposure.

The six principles of mathematics ahd made me realized that math is not only on counting and writing numbers. This six principles are fundamentals to achieve high quality standards of mathematics education.
  • Equity Principle
  • Curriculum principle
  • Teaching Principle
  • Learning Principle
  • Assesment Principle
  • Technology Principle
The principles involves children being supported by teachers or adults with a curriculum that support mathematical concept in their daily learning. To provide high quality teaching of mathematical concept, teachers also need to understand each child learning style and understanding. Each will also be given eanough opportunities to observe and evaluate their ideas to support learning. Not forgetting ongoing assesment to gather data on children understanding on each concept learnt and able to allow children to use technologies e.g. calculator to support learning.

As an early chidhood educator i believe that each teacher need to be competent and confident when delivering the lessons. Each teacher need to be equipped with varities of knowledge and mathematical concepts that able to support children learning.

I had a strong believe that never ever under estimate a child potential. With much exposure for the children to observe and learn from trial & error they will learn problem solving and able to grasp better understanding of math concepts.

Lets move on.... lets the children learn independently... allow them to explore.... allow them to give out ideas.... when they are more independent with their own exploration they will not hate math as how most of the children from olden days hate math as they arr being drilled. during my years of learning math in primary school i was asked to memories multiplication etc... Lets move from that era......

Math is fun afterall.....

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