Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Session 2

"Number is adjectives which need to be accompany by a noun, it will be weird if adjective is just being use all by itself" Dr Yeap...

Today whole number activities had empowered me to create more fun activities that could stimulate children thinking and understanding of whole number. The 3 lessons which involve manipulation of numbers had inspired me to be more creative when delivering lesson. 

The most interesting fact was that we are not supposed to use 7 lesser than 10 as it will be an "insult" to seven. The correct way will be 7 is less than 10. The explanation given had made me realized that even till now most of the teachers are using lesser rather than less. It's a weird fact but i would like to share with my teachers soon.

The most interesting and eye catching for me was lessons on multiplication. This activity need lots of thinking skills and exploration in order to solve the problems. And during the activity was being carried out, we did a mistake which we thought it will be right and it's all base on assumption. And now I know that to solve problem we can go by assumption but rather work it out.

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