Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Session 1

"Math is a form of lots of formulas and methods.. Proper exploration and exposure can create the learning more fun enjoyable"

As I am a visual learner, I enjoyed today lesson. The hands on activities had stimulate my brain in thinking different ways to solve problems that was given to us. 

The most exciting and had impact on me is the name lesson. This lesson left me thinking on lots of ways that could lead to solve the problem i.e. which letter counted 99th? For me I only use rote counting means count one by one is my only way to solve the problem. Less that I realize that, there are lots other ways that could be used such as divided by 6 or 11.

All the activities introduced and learnt were based on the 3 ways of teaching i.e. exploration, scaffolding and modeling which apparently is the most important criteria that a teacher should portray.

During my years of teaching I used lots instruction method to teach the children which will lead to giving them answer rather than asking them to explore. Hence today lesson had made me reflect on my wrong method in teaching math. It make me wonder how those children cope after what I had delivered to them... 

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